Black and White. Classic charm in absence of color. A display of emotion through simplicity.

A path home

She stood watching the endless stretch of ocean before her. The water was dark. She was searching for answers, for a sense of peace, and it seemed that the ocean held all the secrets she longed to know.

As she gazed out at the boundless stretch of ocean, she felt a deep sense of uncertainty. Yet amidst the darkness, a glimpse of hope called out to her from the distant horizon. The lighthouse, beacon of light in the midst of the darkness.

And as she stood, rooted in the face of the unknown, she felt a newfound strength. A promise of a path home.

Frozen memories

People pass by like fleeting shadows. Some linger for a moment, others for a lifetime, but all of them painting the tapestry of my existence. As I stand here, watching the endless parade of human traffic, I am struck by the transience of it all. Beings with their own hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows, and their paths intersect with mine for only a brief moment. What a journey….

Watching the world go by